Set Fees

If the extent of the work can be assessed within reasonable limits, it is possible to agree a set fee in writing. This fee is exclusive of VAT and costs.

Annual Contract

If required, after an extensive inventory of the work anticipated and depending on the client, a set (monthly) fee may be arranged for providing advice and/or conducting proceedings during a calendar year or part thereof.


Charges in addition to the fees include office costs (5% of the fees), bailiff’s costs, travel expenses and court fees/arbitration costs.


If a case is conducted on the basis of a set fee, the invoicing method will be agreed in writing in advance. Any third party invoices, for example from the courts, bailiffs and such, will be charged to you as an advance payment and will be paid by Vissers Advocatuur B.V. Invoices are sent without any covering letters. Payment of invoices must be made immediately.

General Terms and Conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our contracts, which you can download, view or print here.