Secondment - a legal expert or lawyer temporarily based at your company

If you (temporarily) have a need for a legal expert or lawyer, our project “hire a lawyers-office” provides legal experts or lawyers on secondment to you for the required period. They will, with due regard for their self-reliance and independence, be seconded to your office or on location to carry out their work exclusively for the benefit of your company.

Flexibility is our motto and an integral part of our service options:

  • Full time; 
  • Part time;
  • On an hourly basis.

If you do not have an appropriate work space within your own organisation the seconded staff member can do his work for you “remotely”: at the offices of Vissers Advocatuur.

Important factors in choosing a staff member will be his or her competence in the relevant issue and the qualifications you require. Before we second someone to you we create a scan of the type of work and environment the staff member will be used for. This will enable the optimum match between client and staff member.

General Terms and Conditions

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our contracts, which you can download, view or print here.