What is Sports Law?

The lawyers and legal experts at Vissers Advocatuur have a great affinity with the sporting world. In recent years our Legal Sports Desk has put us on the map as THE Sports Law Specialist of the Netherlands. We are a member of the Dutch legal association for Sports Law and specialise in sport contract law and protecting personality and imagerights of professional athletes. We also have experience in procedures in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) in Lausanne and complex doping cases.

The strength of our Sports Law lawyers

We speak the professional sports person’s language and will do our utmost to serve you so that you can focus on your sports performance. Our support to professional sports persons includes arbitration, transfers, imagerights and disciplinary law. Our sports law lawyers also work for sports organisations, sports management bureaus and sponsors. We like to be part of your success!

Any questions on Sports Law, please contact Remco Wortel, LLM, Gijs Volders LLM, or Lars Westhof, LLM. They will respond to your question within one working day with a suitable answer.