We will always search for the best and fastest solution for our customers, because we are eminent problem solvers. However, sometimes you are unable to avoid going to court or you are summoned in a ‘regular’ lawsuit, summary proceedings, collection or a procedure at the Commercial Division. Our experienced litigation team will do whatever it takes to serve your interests and get the desired results for you in Court or in an arbitration case.

If you fear a party will try to withdraw money or goods from your sight, the prejudgment attachment is a good and quick way to get some assurance before the start of the procedure, because after a positive verdict this prejudgment attachment  will be transferred into an attachment in execution. Apart from that, a prejudgment attachment sometimes adds that little bit of pressure you need to solve the matter outside the court. After all only the result counts. If you are served with a prejudgment attachment, we will advise you how to deal with this, because this can have a great impact on you and/or your company.

Please contact Mrs. Nathalie van Beurden, LL.M. or Mr. Gijs Volders, LL.M. They will get back to you within one working day with an appropriate response.