What is Employment Law?

Employment law comprises regulations and legislation that apply to contracts between employers and employees. Political influences frequently change employment law. For example, recently the Dutch Sickness Absence and Occupational Disability among Sickness Benefit Claimants (Restrictions) Act (’Wet BeZaVa’) came into force and employment law will further be amended when the Dutch Work and Security Act  (’WWZ’) will come into force.

Specialists in Employment Law

We are alert and competent and scrutinise the subject matter, whereby we inform our clients in advance of any upcoming changes. Employers must anticipate these (constant) changes,  making the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ particularly appropriate in this field of law. Should there be a court procedure that may involve dismissal/damages/back wages, we will steer you through this.

Any questions on employment law, please contact Gijs Volders, LLM. or Remco Wortel, LLM, They will respond within one working day with a suitable response.