Dutch Betting and Gaming Act

Since 1991 we operate in this sector, mainly in the Netherlands, but increasingly in Europe and even worldwide. This could almost be regarded as an exclusive specialism. Supporting companies in an executive department capacity but also representing local authorities is a role we were made for. Our expertise is based on the fact that a number of our colleagues have fulfilled and still fulfil managerial positions in this sector.

Specialisms of our betting and gaming lawyers

We are mainly involved in financing schemes, procedures, contracts and developing and perfecting amusement arcades and casinos. That is why we draft and edit legislation, regulations, guidance notes for these, and licences. We take good care of the policy on games of chance.

In view of its politically charged nature, the work is characterised by an all or nothing approach, whereby the doing nothing doesn’t last very long. Optimism and conviction and strong arguments are required characteristics.

If you have any questions for our betting and gaming lawyers, please contact Johan Vissers, LLM and/or Remco Wortel, LLM. They will respond to your question with a suitable answer within one working day.