What is Contract Law

It is important to lay down a contract in a correct and carefully considered manner. Not only for your own records, but also to prevent any legal disputes with your contract party about the content and interpretation of a contract. Initially you can write down your plans in a letter of intent and the eventual agreement  must be laid down in a contract, taking into account the parties’ specific wishes and requirements.

By using a large collection of standardised contracts, challenging a large number of legal mandatory and semi-mandatory provisions and observing securities and guarantees, we draw up a perfectly tailor-made contract, whereby ‘reasonableness and fairness’, in other words the negotiating parties’ sense of justice is observed. This way we can avoid any successful legal actions by the other party.

Any questions about Contract Law, please contact Johan Vissers, LLM, Remco Wortel, LLM, and/or Gemmy van der Valk-van den Bosch, LLM. They will respond within one working day with a suitable response.