Dutch Gaming Authority fines foreign online gaming companies

The Dutch Gaming Autority (KSA) has fined two companies which provided remote (online) gaming to Dutch players. The total fine is half a million euro.

Remote gaming targeted on Dutch players
The KSA states that the online games are targeted on the Dutch market. This is based on the fact that the game (on redslots.com) had advertorials on popular Dutch websites. Other relevant established facts are:

  • the games are provided in Dutch;

  • the payments were made with a regular Dutch IT-program (iDEAL);

  • there was a button with a Dutch flag on the website; and

  • in the terms and conditions, the website provided a welcome bonus to Dutch gamers.

Repeated offender
The KSA fined the same companies already in 2014. Reason why the KSA has marked the two companies as repeated offenders, despite the fact that the domain name was changed.

New Dutch gaming law
With this sanction the KSA want to show that she will act against illegal online gaming operators. But at the same time the KSA urges the Dutch Parliament to adapt the gaming bill, in which bill the KSA is granted more power to act against illegal online gaming operators.

Gaming law specialist
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Mr Lars Westhoff LLM
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