About us

Our profile
Vissers Advocatuur - with a history of more than fifteen years - has grown into a leading, modern and independent law firm for the business community, having all the knowledge, experience, attitude and specialisms that are of primary importance to corporate sector.

We convey a general corporate law practice for national and international issues. Our branches are located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Kerkdriel (Arnhem court district) and Amsterdam.

Our legal services
Our services can best be described as a executive legal department for your company. Our code of conduct and our policies are not only aimed at working for you, but also to be one with you. This way you get an expert and sparring partner rolled into one. We are therefore at your service.

Our policy
We feel that law should be considered in a wider context. Together with you our staff members look beyond the legal frameworks and take into account the strategic, commercial and social aspects of your company within the national and international framework. Continuity is the guiding principle.

Our work method 
Our work method is best described as reliable, loyal and focused on results.
We are professional and driven to do our utmost to provide excellent service to our clients so they can achieve optimum performance. Quality, loyalty, affinity, speed, availability and focus characterise our style.

“We are always at your service so you can achieve optimum performance.”